Episode 263: Yooka-Laylee Part 2 (with David Wise)

Featuring an Exclusive Interview!

In this very exciting second part, Karl & Will continue their spotlight on the music of Yooka Laylee! For week two, the guys focus on the tracks composed by David Wise, and a few by Steve Burke. The guys also unveil their exclusive conversation with David as well!

Yooka-Laylee - David Wise - Playtonic - PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch - 2017
-Minecart Theme World 2
-Armed and Dangerous
-Minecart Theme World 1
-Tropic Trials
-Minecart Theme World 3
-Track Attack
-Up 'N' Nova (Steve Burke)
-Glaciators (Steve Burke)
-Minecart Theme World 5
Snake Pass - David Wise - Sumo - PS4/Xbox One/Switch - 2017
-Sog-Gee's Realm (Water World)-

--Thanks to David Wise for taking the time to talk with us!--