Episode 350: Super Marcato Bros: A History of Collaboration

THE 350TH EPISODE OF THE SUPER MARCATO BROS. VGM PODCAST!! Wow. To celebrate this milestone, Karl & Will share the history of their creative collaboration with each other. Also, Name That Tune, Listener Qs, Debate and more! Thanks to everyone for listening for all these years!


Live From the Lair - Super Marcato Bros. - Donut Lifts

U.N. Squadron - Takashi Tateishi - Forest Fortress 1

Sharp - Karl Brueggemann - No Response

Will Brueggemann - Martin and Alvina

Karl & Will - Throw Me Away

Of Cosmic Proportions - Super Marcato Bros. - Massive Meadow Galaxy

Zero-G: Super Satellite Racing - Super Marcato Bros. - Serene

Soaring Through the Stars - Super Marcato Bros. - Main Menu

Mega Buster - Super Marcato Bros. - Gust Man

Askr - Super Marcato Bros. - Atlantis Stage

Shining Force II - Motoaki Takenouchi - Lively Town

Naruto - Artificial Intelligence Bomb