Episode 307: Super Kirby Duo

In this adorable and high-energy episode, the guys double up on 2 classic SNES Kirby soundtracks! Super Star and Dream Land 3 both have so much delightful, jazzy, exciting music it's mind-boggling! This episode will surely put a smile on your face!


Kirby Super Star - Jun Ishikawa & Dan Miyakawa - Nintendo - SNES - 1996
-Float Islands
-White Wing Dynablade
-Marshmallow Castle
-Candy Mountain
-Run, Kirby, Run!
-Hilltop Chase
-Grape Garden
-Meta Knight Defeated
-Floating Away
-Gladiator Kirby
Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Jun Ishikawa - Nintendo - SNES - 1997
-Grass Land 1
-Grass Land 2
-Ripple Field 1
-Ripple Field 2
-Sand Canyon 1
-Sand Canyon 3
-Mission Failed