Episode 322: The Secret of Monkey Island

In this very swashbuckling episode, Karl & Will focus on one of their favorite and most nostalgic video game soundtracks: The Secret of Monkey Island! Composed by Michael Land, this score deftly combined elements of reggae, calypso and classical music into something timeless and wonderful. Enjoy!


The Secret of Monkey Island - Michael Land - Lucasfilm Games - PC - 1990
-Opening Theme
-Chapter Screen
-The Scumm Bar
-LeChuck's Theme
-Following the Shopkeeper
-Melee Island
-The Voodoo Shop
-Guybrush and Elaine
-Stan's Previously Used Ships
-The Fettucini Brothers
-The Journey
-Monkey Island
-The Cannibal Village
-Ghost Ship Shuffle
-Organ Prelude
-Closing Themes
-Monkey Island Rock Remix