Episode 337: Rayman Legends

In this episode, the guys focus on the phenomenal soundtrack to Rayman Legends! Lead composer Christophe Heral crafted one of the most creative, funny, eclectic and memorable scores of the past 10 years. Enjoy some top tier VGM!


Rayman Legends - Cristophe Heral, Billy Martin - Ubisoft - Various - 2013

-Breathing Fire! (Album Ver.).

-Main Theme - Babel Tower

-Gallery Map - Teensies in Trouble

-Medieval Forest (Album Ver.)

-Storming the Castle

-Creepy Castle

-Gallery Map - Toad Story

-When the Wind Blows

-Ray and the Beanstalk (Album Ver.)

-Lost in the Clouds

-Fiesta de los Muertos

-Lucha Libre Get Away (Album Ver.)

-Dive Another Day (Album Ver.)

-Strategy & Spying (Album Ver.)

-Hell's Gate (Album Ver.)

-Olympus Maximus - Invaded (Album Ver.)

-Orchestral Chaos

-Grannies World Tour

-20,000 Lums Under the Sea (Album Mix)

-The Spy Who Kicked Me