Episode 135: Castlevania 8-bit Spooktacular Part 2

This week, the guys conclude their two-week focus on 8-bit Castlevania music, just in time for Halloween! Karl, Will & Tim dive into the super cool and lesser-heard VRC6 Famicom version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse! The guys also play a few tracks from Belmont's Revenge. Enjoy, and have a spooky and safe Halloween!


Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – Hidehiro Funauchi – Konami – Game Boy – 1991
-New Messiah (Crystal Castle)
-Praying Hands (Cloud Castle)
-Ripe Seeds (Plant Castle)
Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse – Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, Yukie Morimoto & Yoshinori Sasaki – Konami – Famicom – 1989
-Boss Battle
-Mad Forest
-Dead Beat
-Demon Seed
-Final Battle

Episode 127: Shovel Knight

Time to face the inevitable: It's the spotlight episode on Shovel Knight! The guys dive deep into the best soundtrack so far of 2014, and honestly one of the most exciting in recent memory. Karl & Will discuss what makes Jake Kaufman's VRC6 chiptune score so darn remarkable, and truly his greatest work yet. Enjoy the spotlight on this modern classic!


Shovel Knight – Jake Kaufman – Yacht Club Games – Wii U/3DS – 2014
-Main Theme
-One Fateful Knight
-Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)
-The Rival (Black Knight – First Battle)
-In the Halls of the Usurper (Pridemoor Keep)
-High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)
-An Underlying Problem (The Lost City)
-No Weapons Here (Village)
-Watch Me Dance!
-A Thousand Leagues Below (Iron Whale) [Manami Matsumae]
-Of Devious Machinations (Clockwork Tower)
-The Schemer (Tinker Knight Battle)
-Waltz of the Troupple King
-Courage Under Fire – Armorer Village
-Fighting with All of Our Might
-Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium) [Manami Matsumae]
-La Danse Macabre (Lich Yard)
-The Fateful Return (Tower Approach)
-The Betrayer (Enchantress Final Form)
-A Return to Order (Ending)