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Episode 155: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

This week on the podcast: The guys finally focus on the fantastic 2014 soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze! Karl & Will share 22 of the best tracks from Dave Wise's glorious return to the series. And they discuss how the music balances both carrying the torch of the original SNES games, while also feeling new and fresh. Enjoy!


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – David Wise – Nintendo – Wii U – 2014
-Tropical Freeze
-Canopy Chaos
-Busted Bayou
-Big Top Bop (Boss – Pompy, the Presumptuous)
-Windmill Hills
-Horn Top Hop
-Rodent Ruckus (Rocket Barrel Ride Returns)
-Sawmill Thrill
-Alpine Incline
-Grassland Groove
-Frantic Fields
-Scorch ‘n’ Torch
-Cannon Canyon
-Triple Trouble (Boss – Ba-Boom, the Boisterous)
-Secret Seclusion
-Deep Keep
-Homecoming Hijinx
-Amiss Abyss
-Fruit Factory
-Punch Bowl (Boss – Bashmaster, the Unbreakable)
-Seashore War
-Volcano Dome (Final Boss – Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King)

Episode 90: David Wise

Featuring an Exclusive Interview! In this very exciting and highly anticipated episode, the guys focus on the music and career of legendary video game composer David Wise! Featuring an exclusive, in-depth interview with the man himself! With a long-running career, spanning from NES games such as "Wizards and Warriors", to his work on the "Donkey Kong Country" series on the SNES, all the way to the hotly anticipated "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze", which comes out for the Wii U on February 21st! Enjoy this "rare" look at one of the most legendary western game composers of all time.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit - LJN - NES - 1989 -Country Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Nintendo - Super NES - 1995 -K. Rool Returns, In a Snow-Bound Land Donkey Kong Country - Nintendo - Super NES - 1994 -Bonus Room Blitz, The Credits Concerto Star Fox Adventures - Nintendo - Gamecube - 2003 -Dark Ice Mines Night

--Special Thanks to Mr. David Wise for taking the time to talk with us!--