Episode 228: Okami

This week the guys explore the highly acclaimed PS2 soundtrack Okami! This is a long overdue spotlight on a very emotional, nuanced, and revered score! In addition, the guys announce the release of their albums Back in Orbit and Axiom that are both out today!

Okami - Masami Ueda, Rei Kondoh, Hiroshi Yamaguchi - Capcom - PS2 - 2006
-Race with Idaten
-Harami Lake
-Thank Goodness for Kokari
-Kokari's Dilemma
-Susano's Real Power
-Kamiki Festival
-Ryoshima Coast I
-Tsuzurao's Theme
-Kaguya's Departure
-Queen Himiko's Sorrow
-Orca's Theme
-Dragon Palace
- Inside the Water Dragon
-"Reset" ~"Thank You" Version~
-Promises Kept
-Sorrowful Goodbye
-Theme of the Celestials
-Theme of the Moon Tribe
-The Emperor of Eternal Darkness
-The Canine Warriors Theme

Download Karl's album Back in Orbit HERE and Will's album Axiom HERE