takashi tateishi

Episode 375: Takashi Tateishi

Featuring an Exclusive Interview!

In this incredibly exciting episode, Karl, Will & Marty explore the video game career of Takashi Tateishi! The guys discuss Tateishi's iconic music to Mega Man 2, as well as a smattering of his other stellar VGM work. And if that weren't exciting enough, the guys finally unveil their unforgettable interview with Tateishi-san from MAGFest this past January. Enjoy a historic episode of the SMBVGMP!


Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Metal Man (Cover by MET)

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Million Valley (Stage 6)

F-1 Dream - Capcom - Arcade - F-3000 Final Race 2

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Air Man

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Stage Theme III

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Flash Man

Sidearms Hyperdyne - Capcom - PC Engine - Round 1

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Capital (Stage 1)

Mad Gear - Capcom - Arcade - Net Wood Forest (Stage 2)

Mega Man 2 - Capcom - NES - Dr. Wily Stage 1

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Character Select Map Theme

Cocoron - Takeru - Famicom - Stage Theme V

Willow - Capcom - Arcade - Stage 1

Mighty No. 9 - Inti Creates - PS4/Xbox One - Desolate Highway

U.N. Squadron - Capcom - SNES - Forest Fortress 1

-Special thanks to Alex Aniel, Mia Uchida and Travis Anderson for making this episode possible!-

Episode 119: Mega Man 2

In this episode, the guys spotlight on the legendary soundtrack to Mega Man 2! Truly one of the greatest video game scores ever created, Karl & Will go in-depth to explore what makes Takashi Tateishi's music so darn captivating, and why it left such an impact on the series, and video game music in general. Also, Marty dissects the Password theme in another Marty's Corner! So sit back and enjoy every single track from this NES classic!


Mega Man 2 -Takashi Tateishi – Capcom – NES – 1988
-Title Screen
-Stage Select
-Game Start
-Metal Man Stage
-Air Man Stage
-Bubble Man Stage
-Quick Man Stage
-Crash Man Stage
-Flash Man Stage
-Heat Man Stage
-Wood Man Stage
-Dr. Wily Stage 1
-Dr. Wily Stage 2
-All Stage Clear
-Staff Roll

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