Episode 130: Modern Chiptunes

This week, the guys explore the vast world of Modern Chiptunes! This is music by artists and bands which, while not featured in video games, use a video game sound chip. This is an extremely popular and active sub-genre of video game music, which people dedicate entire podcast shows to. The guys discuss what makes this music different from retro game music. Enjoy!


Anamanaguchi – Dawn Metropolis – Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
DeadBeatBlast – Splatter Happy - Thundershock
An0va – Ego Depletion - Flow
Big Giant Circles – The Glory Days – Go For Distance
Bubu – The Daydream Elevator – Happiness Like This
Groovemaster303 & Jredd – FM Micro: Super Turbo Pocket Edition - So Ruff So Tuff
Auxide – Of Atoms and Stardust – Helios (Sun)
505 – HYMns – Clouds
Jake Kaufman – Choice Nuggets – Staring at My Spaceship
zabutom – Zeta Force – Final Blast
Zef – Ground Zero – Livewire
Bit Shifter – Information Chase – Reformat the Planet
Cheap Dinosaurs – Cheap Dinosaurs – Hot Plate
Disasterpiece – Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar – Wagering Lights
Random – Bad Joke EP – Spontaneous Devotion
DrJacko – General Chaos Part 4
WMD – Sophrosyne – Venisti Remanebis Donec Denuo Completus Sis
Cuttlefish – Cuttlefish (Re-Edit) – 3AM
The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Computer Savvy – Cluck
Chipocrite – Hit and Run – I Quit