Episode 256: Gravity Rush 2

In this highly-anticipated episode, Karl & Will spotlight on the incredible soundtrack to Gravity Rush 2! The previous game's score was one of the guys' recent favorites, and this followup, composed again by Kohei Tanaka, surely does not disappoint!

Gravity Rush 2 - Kohei Tanaka - Sony Interactive - PS4 - 2017
-Storm and Triumph
-The Area of the Magic
-Anti-Warfare Against Heavy Pressure
-Parallel Fatal
-Returning to Port
-Morning Market of Portraio
-Gravity Daze 2
-Hot Pursuit
-Lei Havina
-March of the Dead
-Fate’s Spiral
-Under Invasion
-Lei Elgona
-A Cue aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple
-Queen of Electromagnetic Force
-Fundamental Forces
-Night Gale