Episode 377: Final Fantasy XIII-2

In this episode, Karl & Will spotlight on the beautiful and eclectic score to Final Fantasy XIII-2! The music to this Final Fantasy sequel is both emotional and surprising. Enjoy a diverse collection of VGM from 3 composers at the top of their game!


Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Naoshi Mizuta, Masashi Hamauzu & Mitsuto Suzuki - Square Enix - PS3 - 2011

-New Bodhum

-The Promise (from XIII)

-A Wish

-Paragidm Shift

-Full Speed Ahead

-Historia Crux

-An Arrow Through Time

-Etro's Champion

-Unseen Intruder (Instrumental)



-Academia Theme

-Plains of Eternity

-Village And Void

-Warrior Goddess

-Labyrinth of Chaos

-Noel's Theme

-The Future