Episode 183: Final Fantasy 4-6

This week, the guys conclude their 2-week Final Fantasy focus by exploring the 3 wonderful 16-bit scores to this series. This era sees Uematsu at arguably his creative peak. Enjoy this in-depth look at some of the most beloved SNES music ever composed.

Final Fantasy IV - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super NES - 1991
-Theme of Love
-Welcome to Our Town
-The Dreadful Fight
-Epilogue (Part 2)
Final Fantasy V - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super Famicom - 1992
-Ahead On Our Way
-Tenderness In the Air
-The Evil Lord Exdeath
-Battle with Gilgamesh
-Dear Friends
Final Fantasy VI - Nobuo Uematsu - Square - Super NES - 1994
-The Phantom Forest
-The Wedding Waltz-Duel (Part 1)
-Grand Finale (Part 2)
-Searching for Friends
-Dancing Mad (Part 1)
-Dancing Mad (Part 2)