Bonus Episode: Child of the Chozo- Anniversary Breakdown

In this Bonus Episode, coming just over a year after the release of "Child of the Chozo", Will looks back on his Metroid homage album and discusses the making of, and breaks down each track. If you're a fan of Metroid music, you'll get a kick out of this deep-space musical exploration.

Child of the Chozo – Will Brueggemann – 2014
-A Hero in Deep Space
-Adventure in the Caverns Below
-In the Vile Layer of the Beast
-Cybernetic Space Mutant
-Heart of the Alien
-Mission Accomplished!
-A New Adventure in Deep Space
-Theme of the Chosen
-Dead in the Water
-An Organic Encounter
-A Hunter is Born
-In the Thicket of the Hive
-Until Next Mission
-A Hero in a New Dimension
-Making Planetfall in the Wetlands
-Subterranean Fortress
-Atop the Planet’s Frigid Cliffside
-The Fate of the Universe
-Child of the Chozo