Bonus Episode: Hero of Legend

In this very exciting Bonus Episode, Karl, Will & Marty share their brand new album "Hero of Legend" in its entirety. This album of original 8-bit music is the first in a 3-part series honoring the legendary music of the Zelda series, particularly that of Koji Kondo. Enjoy this journey into the world of Hyroica! You can download the album by clicking the image below!

01. Prologue (Waterfall)
02. Hyroica Field (Overworld)
03. Wizard’s Tale
04. Dungeon
05. Angel's Song
06. Iona Village
07. Aurelia Sea
08. Skulls & Bones (Graveyard)
09. Cordella Village (Waking Up & Setting Off)
10. Shop
11. Akari Forest (Night)
12. Sword & Shield
13. Courtyard of the Forgotten King
14. Dark Palace
15. The Demon Prince
16. Prince Koji
17. The Hero's Triumph (Ending)

Bonus Episode: Back in Orbit & AXIOM

Karl & Will each have new albums out this week! In this BONUS Episode, they share them in their entirety back to back. Enjoy some brand-spanking new music from the Marcato Bros!

Back in Orbit - Karl Brueggemann - 2016
-All That Fuss
-New Alesis
-Two Steps Back
-Wait Here
-Back in Orbit
-Cool Wave
-One More Look
AXIOM - Will Brueggemann - 2016
-Taking Flight
-The Melting Pot
-Ripples on the Water
-The Tin Candle
-Triumph and Glory
-In Dreams

Bonus Episode: Tone Bank

In this Bonus Episode, Karl shares his new album "Tone Bank", an album he recorded entirely on an old Casio CT-655 keyboard. Karl also discusses the making of each track in this nostalgic and fun project. Enjoy!

Tone Bank - Karl Brueggemann - 2015
-Down the Tube
-Ancient Heart
-Nothing to Worry About    
-Easy Way Out
-Leaving the Land Behind
-Don't Look Down    
-Stick Around    
-Roll In    
-Hands of the Hero        
-After the Rain    
-Washed Away

-Click here to listen to and download the album!-

Bonus Episode: Child of the Chozo- Anniversary Breakdown

In this Bonus Episode, coming just over a year after the release of "Child of the Chozo", Will looks back on his Metroid homage album and discusses the making of, and breaks down each track. If you're a fan of Metroid music, you'll get a kick out of this deep-space musical exploration.

Child of the Chozo – Will Brueggemann – 2014
-A Hero in Deep Space
-Adventure in the Caverns Below
-In the Vile Layer of the Beast
-Cybernetic Space Mutant
-Heart of the Alien
-Mission Accomplished!
-A New Adventure in Deep Space
-Theme of the Chosen
-Dead in the Water
-An Organic Encounter
-A Hunter is Born
-In the Thicket of the Hive
-Until Next Mission
-A Hero in a New Dimension
-Making Planetfall in the Wetlands
-Subterranean Fortress
-Atop the Planet’s Frigid Cliffside
-The Fate of the Universe
-Child of the Chozo

Bonus Episode: Another Day in Dream Land

New Episode Logo 5

It's time for another BONUS Thursday Episode! This time around, Karl shares his recent Kirby tribute album: "Another Day in Dream Land" in it's entirety! This album aims to capture the unabashedly cute and fun spirit of Kirby music (particularly Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Super Star). To add to the fun, this album was made entirely with SNES samples! Above all, this album's aim is to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!


Download Another Day in Dream Land

Karl Brueggemann – Another Day in Dream Land – 2014
-Title Screen
-Prairie Map
-Prairie Land 1
-Prairie Land 2
-Sand Map
-Sand Valley
-Cloudy Map
-Cloudy Heights
-Battle with Dyna Knight
-Frozen Map
-Frozen Summit 1
-Frozen Summit 2
-The Final Chase
-All in a Day’s Work