Bonus Episode: Hero of Legend

In this very exciting Bonus Episode, Karl, Will & Marty share their brand new album "Hero of Legend" in its entirety. This album of original 8-bit music is the first in a 3-part series honoring the legendary music of the Zelda series, particularly that of Koji Kondo. Enjoy this journey into the world of Hyroica! You can download the album by clicking the image below!

01. Prologue (Waterfall)
02. Hyroica Field (Overworld)
03. Wizard’s Tale
04. Dungeon
05. Angel's Song
06. Iona Village
07. Aurelia Sea
08. Skulls & Bones (Graveyard)
09. Cordella Village (Waking Up & Setting Off)
10. Shop
11. Akari Forest (Night)
12. Sword & Shield
13. Courtyard of the Forgotten King
14. Dark Palace
15. The Demon Prince
16. Prince Koji
17. The Hero's Triumph (Ending)