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Bonus Episode: Hero of Legend

In this very exciting Bonus Episode, Karl, Will & Marty share their brand new album "Hero of Legend" in its entirety. This album of original 8-bit music is the first in a 3-part series honoring the legendary music of the Zelda series, particularly that of Koji Kondo. Enjoy this journey into the world of Hyroica! You can download the album by clicking the image below!

01. Prologue (Waterfall)
02. Hyroica Field (Overworld)
03. Wizard’s Tale
04. Dungeon
05. Angel's Song
06. Iona Village
07. Aurelia Sea
08. Skulls & Bones (Graveyard)
09. Cordella Village (Waking Up & Setting Off)
10. Shop
11. Akari Forest (Night)
12. Sword & Shield
13. Courtyard of the Forgotten King
14. Dark Palace
15. The Demon Prince
16. Prince Koji
17. The Hero's Triumph (Ending)

Episode 243: Super Mario Bros. Trilogy

For week 3 of Nintendo Month '16, the guys present one of their most epic episodes of all time: Super Mario Bros. Trilogy! Spotlighting on the first 3 NES soundtracks, the Bros. go in-depth to analyze why the music to these 3 games will live on forever.

Super Mario Bros. - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1985
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1988
-Title Screen
-Character Select
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - NES - 1990
-Map 1: Grass Land
-Warp Zone
-Hammer Bros.
-Boss Battle
-Falling From the Sky
-Bowser Battle
-Map 4: Giant Land

Episode 241: Shin Onigashima

For the first week of Nintendo Month '16, the guys focus on one of their all-time favorite game soundtracks: Shin Onigashima! You may not have heard of this FDS Adventure Game, but the music, composed by Koji Kondo, is absolutely delightful. Enjoy some masterfully composed 8-bit VGM!


Shin Onigashima - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - FDS - 1987
-Title Theme
-Chapter One ~ Road Through the Mountain
-Chapter Two ~ At Home
-Chapter Two ~ At Home (Night)
-Jingle Montage (Story of the Dragon, Inside the Fortress, etc.)
-Chapter Three ~ Morning
-Chapter Four ~ Neighbouring Village
-Staff Roll
-Chapter Five ~ Castle Ruins
-Chapter Five ~ Gate Watcher Demon
-Chapter Six ~ Forest
-Chapter Six ~ Sparrow's House
-Chapter Seven ~ Shinohara
-Chapter Seven ~ Flower
-Chapter Nine ~ Final Scene
Famicom Mukashi Banashi: Yuuyuuki - Soyo Oka - Nintendo - FDS - 1989
-Name Entry
-Ox Demon King Clear

Episode 138: Super Mario World 1 & 2

For the third week of Nintendo Month '14, Karl & Will focus on some of the most iconic music in the history of video games. It's Super Mario World 1 & 2! The guys dive deep into what makes these two SNES Koji Kondo scores so pivotal. Enjoy one of the absolute best playlists in the show's history, and also the longest episode so far! Happy Nintendo Month!


Super Mario World – Koji Kondo – Nintendo – Super NES – 1990
-Title Screen
-Donut Plains
-Forest of Illusion
-Boss Battle
-Bonus Stage
-Castle Clear & World Clear
-The Evil King Bowser
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Koji Kondo – Nintendo – Super NES – 1995
-Story Music Box
-Yoshi’s Island
-Flower Garden
-Goal & Score
-Mini Boss & Big Boss
-Castle & Fortress

Play Out:
Star Road: Super Mario Reimagined – Karl Brueggemann – 2014
-Hurry Up and Wait (Yoshi’s Island Athletic)

Episode 86: Super Mario 64

For the third week of Nintendo Month, Karl & Will present a spotlight on the music of one of the most legendary video games of all time: Super Mario 64! Featuring almost every single track from the game, the guys dive deep into what makes this one of their favorites, and one of Koji Kondo's very best entries in this legendary series. This episode is sure to be a stroll down memory lane for almost any fan of video game music. Enjoy! Listen to Episode 86


Super Mario 64 - Koji Kondo - Nintendo - Nintendo 64 - 1996 -Title Theme -Opening -Bob-omb Battlefield -Inside the Castle Walls -File Select -Slider -Stage Boss -Dire, Dire Docks -Lethal Lava Land -Powerful Mario -Snow Mountain -Haunted House -Merry-Go-Round -Koopa's Theme -Hazy Maze Cave -Metallic Mario -Piranha Plant's Lullaby -Koopa's Road -Ultimate Koopa -Ending Demo -Staff Roll -Throwback Galaxy (from Mario Galaxy 2)